How to Shop?

Complete the SkyPaq Express registration page and get your personal SkyPaq Express address in Miami

Go to your favorite websites, find the products you want and add them to your shopping cart.

When you have finished your shopping and are ready to complete your order, you will be asked to enter a delivery address and your billing information. For the delivery address, enter the address that you were assigned when you registered SkyPaq Express, including your personal ID number or SPAxxxxx (xxxxx 5 digit personal number).

You should now select from several shipping options. Choose the option that best suits you according to your needs, always making sure to get a tracking number from the stores from where you are shopping.

Make your payment using the method of your choice. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions for important information about different payment options and what to do if your store does not accept international credit card. As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive an email confirming the purchase.

The store will advise you that your purchase has been sent and will provide a tracking number for you to monitor your purchase location at any time.

We will notify you by email that we have received your purchase and from then on, you can track your package to the SkyPaq Express sales center nearest you.

SkyPaq Express will ship your package, it will be responsible for customs clearance, prepay taxes and customs duties, and will deliver your purchase right to your home or office. Duties will be charged directly to you upon delivery of your package by a representative of SkyPaq Express.

For more information or questions, check our FAQ or contact us directly via our Live Chat or to our local phones numbers.