What is the SkyPaq Express service?

SkyPaq Express is a shopping facilitator services for cross Border shoppers non- U.S. residents. SkyPaq Express gives you a physical address in Miami, Florida where you can receive your mails and purchases within the US.

Once your purchases are received, SkyPaq Express will take care of all the steps necessary to deliver them to Aruba and you will have the freedom to choose to pick up your purchases at our corporate offices or you can call our SkyPaq Express customer service to deliver them right at your home.

How does SkyPaq Express work?

To have access to SkyPaq Express benefits, the first thing you must do is register. For this, all you need is a valid Identification number and a delivery address, and we will assign you an SkyPaq Express Member I.D.

Now you can makes purchases in your favorite stores in the United States, through the Internet, telephone or catalog and send the products or documents to your physical address in Miami, Florida. From now on SkyPaq Express will make sure it is delivered at your home.

In order to ensure your products arrive safely at your SkyPaq Express facility in Miami, we recommend the use of companies that offer a private courier delivery within the U.S., like UPS, FEDEX, LASERSHIP, DHL Express, or even the U.S. mail service-USPS, these companies offer tracking systems via Internet and proof of delivery (P.O.D.).

Once the products have arrived in Miami, SkyPaq Express will make sure that they arrive safely to you.

For example, if a customer whose name her Linda Duncan, with Member I.D. SPA 70XXX wants to receive a product or document to her address in the U.S., she must enter the following information:

Name: Linda
Last Name: Duncan
Address 1: 6758 NW 72ND AVE..
Address 2: SPA 70XXX
City : Miami
State : Florida
Zip Code: 33166-3049
Phone Number: (305) 593-6510

Once it is received in Miami, SkyPaq Express will proceed to transport, clear and deliver the products at your home or office. For information about delivery times, please refer to the FAQ "How much time does it take for my mail or package to arrive

SkyPaq Express will charge to your directly in Aruba the rate that corresponds to your freight and distribution service.

What guarantee does SkyPaq Express offer?

In case of lost products, SkyPaq Express guaranties for the real value of the product a maximum amount of US$1,500.00. We are the only one in the industry who cover up to this amount for any lost product. Some restrictions apply, review your contract.

Who should I contact if I have any inquiry?

If you have any questions with the delivery of your purchase please call our local office in Aruba at (297) 739-3900 or headquarters in Miami at (305) 593-6510 or contact us by e-mail at skypaqaruba@skypaqexpress.com and all your questions via e-mail will be answered within 24 hours. You may also contact us via Live Chat between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm local time Miami. One of our SkyPaq Express customer service agents will assist you.

Where do I pick up my package in Aruba?

SkyPaq Express Aruba

L G Smith Blvd 128 Oranjestad, Aruba

Tel : (297) 739-3900

Email : skypaqaruba@skypaqexpress.com

If my On Line store asks me for a contact telephone number, what phone number should I give them?

For our SkyPaq Express customer, the telephone number to use will be (305) 593-6510

How long does a shipment take to get into Aruba?

We provide service from Miami to Aruba twice per week. Therefore shipments should arrive in country within 48 hours after leaving Miami as long as all the necessary invoices accompany the shipment and there are no flight delays with the Airline. Frame time between receiving-processing-shipping-customs-deliver, average 3-7 Business days

Can I ship anything into Aruba?

No, there are some restrictions for products allowed to be shipped. We have provided a list of these items for your information. Please visit our section RESTRICTED ITEMS.

Can I ship perishable goods through SkyPaq Express?


What is a volumetric weight?

We use volumetric weight we determine the weight of the shipments we send, and we understand that this is not always an easy concept to grasp. We want to break down the details for you in order to make it as clear as possible.
The cost of transporting a shipment can be affected by the amount of space using in the aircraft, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight.
The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight.
The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost. Calculating the volume weight:
Volumetric weight is calculated by multiplying the length x height x width of a package and dividing the result by 166 factor.

International Volumetric Weights are calculated using the formula below:
Volumetric Weight in pounds (Length x Width x Height in inches) / 166
We charge the higher of the two because a shipment either adds to the actual payload of a plane or the dimensions take up plane capacity.


Do I have to pay for my packages right away or do I have a payment credit plan on my account?

Our policy is to collect funds prior or upon delivery. This includes any Duties that are assessed to your items by Customs. No credit cards needed to transport from Miami, you pay when your shipment arrives to Aruba.

What methods of payment do you accept?

At this time we accept cash as the preferred form of payment. We may accept company checks as well with proper identification. No personal checks will be accepted. If you have any questions regarding local payment and duties please give as a call to our local office in Aruba at (297) 739-3900

Are import duties and taxes included in the service rate charged by SkyPaq Express?

No, the rates only cover the handling of packages in Miami, freight expenses to your country, and home/business delivery. Import duties and taxes will be paid at delivery. SkyPaq Express local office will coordinate directly with you the options for payment, or call (297) 739-3900 in Aruba.

Are customs duties and taxes charged automatically to my credit card?

No, Custom duties and taxes are pay upon delivery. The local SkyPaq Express office will coordinate directly with you the options for payment. Please call (297) 739-3900.

What items can’t be delivered through SkyPaq Express?

SkyPaq Express cannot deliver items that are prohibited or require special handling due to exporting country, importing country or transportation regulations.

Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco or other tobacco products
Alcohol products / beverages
Gambling apparatus, lottery tickets and other similar prize tickets issued in foreign countries
Adult toys

Controlled chemicals: including substances which are precursors or chemicals for manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances
Narcotic drugs
Unlicensed drugs , Infectious substances

Firearms and explosive/dangerous devices:

Offensive weapons, sharp items such as kitchen knives and swords
Irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials
Firearms (or parts thereof)
Imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades
Munitions of war
Firecrackers , Cigarette lighters of pistols or revolver shape

Flammable, incendiary goods and goods comprising :
Perfumes / colognes / eau de toilette / fragrance spray
Nail polish / nail polish remover
Spray / aerosol cans / compressed gas cylinders
Fuels / gasoline / gas torches
Engine oil / essential oil
Lighters with fuel / lighter fluid
Turpentine / paint thinner
Alcohol products / beverages
Flammable / toxic contents products


Lithium batteries unless they comply with the following packaging requirements:
Packages containing lithium batteries, or lithium batteries contained in, or packed with, equipment that are properly packaged
Packing each battery or each battery-powered device when practicable, in fully enclosed inner packaging made of non-conductive material (such as a plastic bag)

Separating or packing batteries in a manner to prevent contact with other batteries, devices or conductive materials (e.g., metal) in the packaging

Ensuring exposed terminals or connectors are protected with non-conductive caps, non-conductive tape, or by other appropriate means
Batteries should be securely cushioned and packed to prevent shifting which could loosen terminal caps or reorient the terminals to produce short circuits

If you do order prohibited goods, we will make every effort to advise you that we have received them and that we will not be able to ship them. It is then your responsibility to arrange a return or alternative US delivery address, or to give us instructions to dispose of them.
For more information on US export restrictions, please see www.access.gpo.gov/bis/ear/ear_data.html and http://www.bis.doc.gov/exportlicensingqanda.htm.

Other than the shipping charges what other fees are applicable?

Additional to freight and fuel the following charges are applicable:
Insurance charge of USD$1.00 cents for every USD$100.00 declared product value. Minimum USD $2.00
Handling Fee customs: USD$14.50 per AirwayBill
Local delivery applies upon request.
US$10.00 Up to 20 Lbs / Each additional Lb US$0.75, actual weight or dimensional/volume weight - whichever is greater
Additional Warehouse Fees: A USD$5.00 fee applies only when a package is left ready for pickup at counter in Aruba for more than 5 business days

Additional customs list



Economic Affairs



Police station



Department for Telecommunication Affairs



Inspection of  Medicines



Order fee (Shopping Assistant)
Orders over $250 are charged at 8% of the product price.